i4retail have enjoyed a steady growth over recent years, and as a result, we have strategically positioned ourselves as one of the largest independent UK organisations in our field. We believe in building true, honest partnerships, whilst aiming to deliver first-class installation campaigns.

Merchandising & Installation

More and more organisations are out-sourcing merchandising and installation services, to focus on the core areas of their business. With ever changing, onerous Health & Safety legislation, fierce competition and everyday processes becoming more complex, it’s no surprise that the modern day retailer looks for alternative solutions.


i4retail are able to offer a comprehensive merchandising and installation service, either a one off installation or a time critical national campaign, we have it covered. Our teams are fully accomplished in all aspects of store merchandising, including range changes, stock up-lifts and stock re-work, alongside assembly and construction of new displays and merchandising.


Our nationwide workforce are fully in-tune with our strategic vision, approach, and values to deliver a high quality installation from start to finish. All of the teams are fully trained professionals, who are competent and experienced in all aspects of retail installations.

Audits & Reporting


Up-to-date information concerning your estate is both valuable and crucial, to ensure that you have an accurate understanding of your marketing requirements.


i4retail can help you with this, saving you time and money. To fully maximise your advertising campaigns, or provide an up-to-date scope on your estate, we are able to identify and report on essential information, critical to its success. Many large multi-site organisations have grown through acquisition, and naturally find it very difficult to maintain control over uniform branding and compliance. i4retail are able to provide you with accurate and detailed information for each site.


Whether you prefer to view your data electronically or receive a binded paper presentation with CAD drawings for each site, our design team will exceed your expectations. We can provide you with tailored solutions specific to your needs, create bespoke questionnaires, incorporate data and photographs, which are completed by our experienced auditors. Our auditors can also provide assessments, identify opportunities for POS and assess methods of installation to provide a wider evaluation of the environment.


You can then be confident that your database provides you with a precise account of where you are, and what each store or site has. Associated costs relating to the manufacturing of hardware, print, and of course installation services will impact, showing the resultant cost reductions.




Project Management


i4retail’s aim is to deliver an outstanding service, and we do just that. Through dedication, maintaining long-term partnerships, and going the extra mile to overcome unexpected challenges, i4retail strives to deliver a high quality service from start to finish.


To ensure the delivery of a successful campaign, our project managers look at an installation from every angle, this way ensuring we have every step of the way covered. Not only are we passionate, but our project managers will consult, advise and liaise with you to achieve a streamlined service. i4retail are thorough in their approach and make sure all boxes are ticked.


We believe our project management team are the best in the market, delivering a dedicated service through a wealth of experience and knowledge in the industry. Our track record of high quality workmanship, efficient and outstanding turnaround times, and exceptional customer service, gives our clients peace of mind knowing their projects are in safe hands. 

Storage & Fulfillment


i4retail’s business is centrally operated in Surrey. Our modern and secure industrial storage unit is an ideal way to house point of sale, ready for any installation campaign, whilst also being able to offer clients both short and long term storage and fulfillment facilities. In clean, safe, and secure surroundings, we are confident that any stock placed in our trust will be well cared for. Our storage and distribution facilities offer a convenient solution.


Our warehouse staff are proficient in all aspects of storage and fulfillment procedures. Stock levels are managed and reported regularly, with clients benefiting from our thorough approach. Our fleet of modern commercial vehicles are equipped to transport stock safely and securely across the UK.


Waste materials are disposed of in a “green” and responsible fashion. The effects that substances have on the environment are taken very seriously, and we pro-actively support recycling. i4retail recognises the environment is effected by our operations so key processes and procedures are in place to minimise and manage these impacts. We strive to reduce our consumption on Transportation, Waste, Water and Energy to minimise our carbon footprint and to recycle waste.